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Get up to DKK 250,000 to improve your company’s digital presence. Apply through SMV:Digital to receive funding - it’s easier than you think. We can help you scope your project and find the right grant:

Announced SMV:Digital grants

Do you have ambitions to strengthen your company's growth and competitiveness through the use of your company's data? Here you can apply for a grant of DKK 100,000 for the purchase of private advice that can help you make data an integral part of your business.

Grant descriptions with requirements will be published when the grant opening approaches.

Grant descriptions with requirements will be published when the grant opening approaches.

Who is SMV:Digital?

SMV:Digital is run by the Danish Agency for Digitalization and managed by Erhvervshus Midtjylland in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce. Through EU-funded grants, SMV:Digital supports small and medium-sized businesses in their digital adaptation journey.

The scope of the grants varies. Usually, you can apply for grants to receive guidance, invest in new technologies, enhance your competencies, and access support for digital business development. The initiative empowers businesses by automating production, strengthening IT security, or leveraging data to enrich customer experiences.

What do you need to apply?

Below, you’ll find a list of general application requirements, but note that some might vary depending on the grant you’re applying for:

  • You have a CVR number.

  • You have 2-249 full-time employees.

  • Your turnover is at least DKK 2 mil. but no more than DKK 375 mil.

  • You are not a publically funded company.

  • You did not receive more than DKK 1,5M from other public funds.

  • Any other SMV:Digital funded projects must be done and reported.

  • You can cover project expenses independently until refund.

What companies are the best fit?

All companies fitting the requirements above can apply. Here are three examples of different types of companies we've seen successfully receive SMV:Digital funding:

You’re a startup in Denmark starting to earn money but could use a financial boost to take the next step. You have an idea, and you know your market.

Danish subsidiaries
You’re a Danish subsidiary of a larger international company looking to improve your digital presence.

Medium-sized companies
You’re a medium-sized, established company with a couple of hundred employees looking to make the push for a more future-proofed marketing and sales tech suite.

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How does it work?

SMV:Digital regularly opens up grants to support different projects. While they range in purpose, each grant is connected to digital transformation. Here’s how the application process works:

Have a digital project (or at least an idea) in mind. It can be a brand-new project or something you’ve already started.

Browse through open grants to identify the most relevant one for your project. You can apply for one grant at a time.

Download the application preparation document attached to your chosen grant. It contains individual grant requirements you need to fulfill.

Describe your project and provide your business details: employee headcount, revenue, turnover etc. Select an SMV-approved consultant.

Don’t worry - if your application contains a mistake, SMV:Digital will reach out and help you fix it. They won’t simply reject your application.

If approved, you can start executing your project. Once you’re done, write the end-of-project report and submit your expenses for a refund.

How we can help you

Defining your project and picking the right grant are the two most important parts to take care of before you submit your application to SMV:Digital. 

This is where we can assist you:


We’ll help you shape your digital project and find the most relevant grant so you’re off to a great start when filling out your application.

Certified provider

Since we’re a certified provider with SMV:Digital, you can select one of our consultants for your project. We have multiple consultants across different business functions.

Projects we can help with

Advice and assistance with marketing and sales automation, HubSpot setup and implementation, digital strategy, tracking, reporting and BI projects are just some examples of what we've previously helped with.


One the project is complete, we’ll help you prepare for the end-of-project report.

  • We appreciate the professional help and flexibility we have experienced with Helion B2B throughout our cooperation. It has truly lifted our sales and marketing efforts to a higher level. A big thanks for helping us on our startup journey.

    Peter Plov Nielsen

    Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Even being on a limited budget, we got SO MUCH DONE and have now been able to setup up and implement cool stuff like automated workflows, website redesign with HubSpot integrations, and the ability to set up and execute on SoMe campaigns.

    Mads Lyngvig Jespersen



Apply to give your business a digital boost

Some companies get discouraged from applying, thinking it will take too much time and resources. It doesn’t. You’ll be done with your application in a couple of hours but gain much more from it as a business. And we’ll guide you through it:
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