Your B2B inbound marketing and sales partner for strategic lead generation

We provide tailored strategy, content, performance marketing, and HubSpot services to help B2B companies achieve long-term growth.

Who we are

We’re a business-to-business agency with a person-to-person mindset. We help B2B companies with strategic lead generation by engaging with your business as if it were our own.
We’re eager to understand your organization, curious to get to know your customers, and strive to reach the full potential of your business.
About us
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  • “We've been working with Helion B2B for years and their commitment and unquestionable expertise in their field make them stand out! We use them to boost our own efficiency, HubSpot, operations, and strategic sparring.”

    Kasper Bengtsson-Jensen

    Chief Operations Officer

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  • “Helion B2B helped us create playbooks for Sales and Marketing alignment. It has enabled us to supercharge our sales and marketing efforts and get off to a great start with HubSpot, Inbound, and ABM.”

    Mikkel Wittrup Kruse

    Director of Demand Generation

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  • “Implementing a CRM system like HubSpot seemed overwhelming, but we were guided confidently through the process. Helion adapted the solution to our needs - and did not just deliver a standard model.”

    Anja Rode

    Global Product Manager

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  • "Even being on a limited budget, we got SO MUCH DONE and have now been able to setup up and implement cool stuff like automated workflows, website redesign with HubSpot integrations, and the ability to set up and execute on SoMe campaigns."

    Mads Lyngvig Jespersen


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Build a lead generation engine with an inbound strategy

Set up a lead generation engine with strategic B2B inbound marketing. Figure out the tactics needed to nurture leads and win deals. Collaborate with our experts to develop a tailored inbound strategy that enables you to scale and puts your business ahead of the pack.
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Attract, engage and retain customers using content

Not sure how to talk about your product? We craft top-tier lead-gen content tailored to all marketing funnel stages. Let your prospects see you can solve their most significant pain points; build trust and credibility by showcasing your knowledge in the industry.
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Unify your front office with HubSpot

Enjoy predictable revenue growth and unify your front office with HubSpot. As a certified HubSpot Diamond Partner, we help you utilize the powerful CRM platform to streamline marketing, sales, and service operations. From implementation to training, we're here to guide you every step of the way.
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Build online marketing campaigns that work

Create long-term engagement and build relevant audiences with targeted B2B performance marketing and online advertising campaigns. We help you use data smarter to track your marketing activities and make better decisions to increase ROAS and ultimately grow your business.
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Let's talk business-to-business,

We can make your marketing and sales speak the same language. Book a meeting with us, and let’s find you a solution that will benefit your business. We won’t just work for you. We’ll root for you. So let’s talk business-to-business, person-to-person.
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